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Realization of WBT applications for e-learning

Training and Formation

Realization of multimedia applications and courses for training and formation

Multimedia Presentations

Realization of multimedia presentations
(technical, trade, ...)


Simulation of processes, systems, machinery ...


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A company with a wealth of experienced acquired by its component members in years of activity in the Study and Training Centre of one of the biggest Italian industrial groups.

For over twenty five years the experts at SIMULA have been involved in educational technologies, self-learning projects, training and multimedia communications.

This makes SIMULA a clear point of reference in the field of professional multimedia applications, allowing it to offer its customers multimedia projects which are effective, dynamic, innovative and able to satisfy any communication needs whatsoever.


Sistemi Informatici e Multimediali

Via IV Novembre, 65
61032 Fano (PU) - Italy

tel: (+39) 0721 826535
fax: (+39) 0721 826535

P.IVA 01261550410
Registration C.C.I.A.A. of Pesaro No 119167

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