Simula Services


The creation of documentation and manuals (for plant or machinery) is a task of considerable importance. The new computer technologies of today allow a totally fresh approach to consulting such literature.

SIMULA designs and develops manuals in hyper-media (multimedia hypertexts) based on free navigation systems which afford the user easy and quick, efficient and pleasant, consultation of detailed information on the contents of the manual:

  •  images,
  •  adjustments,
  •  maintenance,
  •  components,
  •  spare parts,
  •  electrical circuits ...

A multimedia manual provides what would, by traditional methods, require a whole collection of texts and long consultation times to achieve: for example, for specific sectors, it can offer advice on operating procedures, how to work in safety, alarm systems and troubleshooting ...

A multimedia manual is also an open book which the user can fill in, for example, by entering the results of particular operations carried out on the machine, in this way building up a valuable historical document. A multimedia manual therefore becomes an authentic operating means that can be consulted in the front line, during and after work carried out on the plant or machine.