Simula Services


More and better training, information and circulation of knowledge are the needs of the new social, economic and productive standards of a company facing the challenges of the new millennium.

In multimedia training these needs find the best answer in terms of:

  • quantity of users,
  • standardisation of the training message,
  • personalised learning,
  • repetition of the training stages.

An answer that means large-scale economy, efficient organisation and effective message delivery.

Multimedia training projects by SIMULA are distinguished by the high level of attention and involvement they elicit from the user through innovatory interactive features, communication and the user friendliness built into their production.

Every SIMULA application is a unique and personal creation. Customers are directly involved in their project, its creation and its development. The application is therefore built around the needs of the customer to comply fully with the aims and objectives that were set out to be achieved.